• Homeopathic emergency pharmacy
Homeopathic emergency pharmacy

Patients, mainly the parents of the "little patient", are always unsettled when an acute illness such as an earache, diarrhea, fever, etc. occurs in the evening, on a Sunday or on a holiday. The question arises what to do in this case from a homeopathic point of view.

The seminar focuses on:

• Questions about repeating the remedy in acute cases. How often do patients forget after a year of homeopathic treatment that in an acute case they could simply repeat their homeopathic remedy in order to increase their vitality and thus stabilize their self-healing powers?!

• Which potency to choose?

• What do I do if I have a slight fever, cold, gastrointestinal complaints, insect bites, burns, minor injuries

• What to do in case of a tick bite?

• How to deal with vaccinations?

• Answering general questions.

Whether at home or even when travelling, it is advisable to have a selection of homeopathic medicines on hand. The most important homeopathic remedies that you can use in an emergency will be taught on this day.
This seminar will be a helpful support for you in small, everyday emergency situations.

The seminar lasts 6 hours and, in addition to "Homeopathic help in emergencies", includes an introduction to classical homeopathy as a basis for a better understanding of this healing method.