Homeopathic treatment for ADHD/ADD

ADHD is due to an imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain, most commonly serotonin or dopamine. These substances enable nerve cells to transmit information chemically.

Homeopathy assumes that every disease is a disturbance of the balance of life force. The life force first tries to compensate for the disturbance, but after a certain degree it no longer manages to compensate for the disturbance.

Homeopathy gives the organism the necessary information with the homeopathic, individual single remedy - the similimum - to be able to compensate for the disturbance better and to restore the balance of vitality. The patients are then more in their midst again, more balanced. The aim of homeopathic treatment is therefore to help the child to better access his abilities and to get along better with himself and his environment - and his environment with him. It cannot be the goal of homeopathic treatment to only achieve a better "functioning" of the child through pure symptom suppression.

ADHD indicators

– restlessness
– Little eye contact
– insomnia
– Frequent whining
– Energy bundles without end
– Daring, impulsive and clumsy
– Tantrums and defiance
– Hardly need any sleep during the day and don’t want to go to bed at night
– injure animals
– Mean towards other children and animals
– Significant problems at school
– Difficulties in reading, writing and class work, poor grades
– Difficulty following instructions and completing tasks
– Forgot homework and lost things

– Dreaminess and inattention
– Annoying, repetitive or silly behavior
– Interrupt
– Isolation and lack of friendships
– Complaints from teachers
– defiance, obstinacy
– Destructive behavior
– Skip school
– Depression due to lack of self-confidence
– Drug and alcohol abuse
– Difficulties or failures at work
– Need for constant stimulation
– Limited social skills

adults with ADHD

– low self-esteem
– limited social skills
– Difficulties with reading, comprehension, concentration and memory
– Not doing everyday tasks
– Distractedness and dreaminess
– Search for constant stimulation, variety and satisfaction
– Unfulfilled potential
– Difficult times at work and career

Disadvantages of these drugs: