fear of flying

You can find out more about fear of flying at www.flugangst.de. This website of Deutsche Lufthansa provides detailed information on the subject of fear of flying.

 Seen holistically, fear of flying or other fears are blockages that are deeply hidden in the subconscious. Due to a traumatic experience that the affected person does not necessarily have to remember, the psyche develops fear behavior - often as a protection or defense mechanism.

From a homeopathic point of view, illness or fear is a disturbance of the vital force. This life force can be undisturbed by similar homeopathic information. (See Law of Similars – Similia similibus curantur – on the homeopathy page of my website.

This means that the patient with fear of flying receives his individual homeopathic constitutional remedy that is similar to the symptoms in addition to the symptoms of his illness, in this case his fear of flying, so that his fear is eliminated down to the deepest layers of his roots.

To record this constitutional remedy, the homeopath needs a 2-3 hour anamnesis interview and a time of analysis and evaluation.

For more non-binding information, you are welcome to consult my homepage, where you can find explanations of the laws in homeopathy. Or you can call me to make an appointment to determine your personal constitutional remedy as part of a chargeable anamnesis interview.